How to Install the macOS Monterey Public Beta.

How to Install the macOS Monterey Public Beta.

This guide guides you through the simple steps of installing macOS Monterey Public Beta. Apple has made the public beta available to its Public Beta Testing Group, which will let public beta testers try out the new software before it is released in the fall. The public beta is available for all compatible Macs and does not require a developer account. Here's how to install the public beta of MacOS Monterey. 
After downloading the update, it is worth noting that Apple does not recommend installing MacOS Monterey Public Beta on your Mac, but you can use a second computer and get it to use. During the beta of any software, errors and problems may occur that prevent the software from functioning properly or cause other problems. It is also worth noting that major design changes such as Safari can take longer to adapt, so if you want to avoid committing to a beta usage experience, you should try it elsewhere. 


Before upgrading to the Monterey Beta, you should ensure that you have a backup on an external drive using the Apple Time Machine Backup feature. If you want to go back to your previous setup to test the software, or if you encounter an error and need to reinstall macOS Big Sur from your previous operating system, a backup is helpful. All Macs should run with the public beta.


macOS Monterey Compatibility


Installing macOS Big Sur requires your Mac to login to Apple's free Apple Beta software program. Follow the steps below. First, visit the Apple beta software website in your Mac browser.

Click on the blue login button (if you are already a member) and click on Login. Enter your Apple ID and password (no two-factor authentication or code verification required). Scroll up in the login manual on the Public Beta page, click Login Device, and then click Next. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Apple Beta software program. 


Downloading and Installing the macOS Monterey Beta

Once you have registered for the public beta testing program, you can download macOS Monterey. Select the macOS section of the beta website, scroll down to sign into your Mac and click the Download macOS Public Beta option under Access Utilities. You will receive a pop-up asking you if you are allowed to download, so click Allow.


Click Next, click Consent to accept Apple's software license agreement, and click Install. You will see a warning advising you to back up your Mac to Time Machine. Stop what you are doing, click OK and then click Next. Locate the beta installer, double-click it and open it with macOSPublicBetaAccessUtility.dmg. If you have modified the file for download, the installer will appear in your Downloads folder.


Enter your admin password when prompted to do so. If there is one, click Yes and then Next.


If the installer does not yet exist, it can be found in the Applications folder. Click Upgrade to download the public beta software. When the installer has finished downloading, the System Settings > Software Update panel opens and displays the download. Restart the installer and macOS Monterey will start. The download may take some time, but once the download is complete, your Mac will automatically reboot.


Click Next to go through the steps specified, agree to the Terms and Conditions and make sure you make a backup. Select the drive on which you want to install the public beta. You can choose your main drive or the partition you created previously.


Once your Mac has been restarted, the Monterey installation process begins. Click Install, enter your administrator password, click OK, click Restart and wait for your Mac to restart. It will take some time to upgrade and install Monterey, but once the installation is complete, your Mac should boot up and run Monterey Public Beta. We have a full list of what's new in Monterey in our special roundup. 

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